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Pics of Kevin

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Welcome to my site, about and for Kevin Max

Kevin Max is a former member of the Christian band Dctalk, his unique style of music and poetry is what makes me LOVE him. On this site you will find all you need and want to know about Kmax. So have fun, and start listening to music that is not a waste of time....


The latest on Kmax

Kevin's newest CD "The Imposter"  is now out along with his Christmas CD... Kevin is now married to Amanda, his beautiful wife, pictured above. They also just had their first child, a beautiful baby girl named London...

Does Kevin still work with Dctalk????

Kevin Max, Michael Tait, and Toby Mac all got together on Toby's remix song "Atmosphere" on his new cd "Diverse city", so if you want to hear the band together again,  try this cd it has some other great songs on it also featuring other groups and known Christian artists...

Kevin Max is adopted and his original name was Kevin Max Smith until he changed it....

My favorite Kevin song

My favorite Kevin songs have to be "Blind", and "I don't belong" off of Stereotype Be, but off the new cd I like "Golden" and "To the dearly departed"...